bed DT-02(160)


Large and comfortable bed for a couple for a 160 cm wide mattress.
The modern style of this bed is primarily due to its proven colours – timeless white and decor in a natural wood shade.

The highlight of the bed is the high headboardwith a practical shelf where you can create a mini bookcase, put away the book you read before bed, your glasses and other items you like to keep at hand. It also hides the computer or phone cables. A shelf in the headboard is a great solution that works especially well in small bedrooms, as it allows you to resign from bedside tables and thus save a lot of space.

The headboard has built-in, energy-saving LED lighting – the diffused light will create a magical atmosphere and satisfy those who do not like to sleep in the dark.

The bed has a huge storage compartment inside – you can store not only bedding, but also everything that didn’t fit in the wardrobe – travel suitcases, seasonal clothing, sports accessories. The use of a special mechanism with gas lifters makes lifting the frame easy and effortless.

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