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Fashionable closet PE-01 is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates functionality and modern design in their living room. The closet is not only a practical element, but also a decorative one that affects the overall atmosphere of the interior. When you buy a fashionable closet, you are investing in a piece of furniture that allows you to store clothes and other items and brings style and elegance to your living room. This one from the PIEMONTE collection is equipped with capacious shelves and a hanger bar, where you can store clothes of different lengths.

The fashionable closet not only serves a practical function, but also a decorative one. Thanks to its modern design, the closet will become an original element of your interior design, and at the same time, it will perfectly harmonize with other furniture and accessories.

The fashionable closet from the PIEMONTE collection stands out due to the original combination of the Portland ash color with black. Slender metal legs and subtle laths are elements that will ensure that a living room decorated in this way will not get boring!


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