wardrobe PO-00L

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Large and capacious wardrobe-closet with a huge amount of storage space and lighting. The unit design allows you to comfortably enter inside and have free access to your clothes, toys and other belongings. It is perfect for any age child or teenage room. Also great for a sibling’s room, as it allows to share space fairly with a brother or sister.

Inside the wardrobe you will find two hanging rods and an internal rack with capacious shelves for clothes. It has also a mirror and shelves for smaller items. You will find additional storage space, for example for suitcases or smaller sports equipment, at the bottom of the wardrobe.
Daily use of the wardrobe is facilitated by energy-saving lighting, which automatically switches on when the door is opened.

The combination of three colours – light grey, graphite and white – looks modern, yet is very versatile and provides an easy arrangement in any interior.

The furniture is made of resistant laminated board finished with durable ABS edging. Beechwood handles. Left-hand version.

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