horizontal wall bed BC-14


211 cm


177 cm


46 cm
kolor: oak artisan
color: oak artisan

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      Horizontal wall bed for a 160 cm wide mattress. This wall bed is available in several colour versions. The bed features additional internal shelves, ideal for storing books and decorations or for putting away everyday items such as your phone. This unit was awarded the Gold Medal 2019 of the Poznan International Fair.

      The BC-14 wall bed is perfect as a comfortable and wide bed for a couple.

      BED CONCEPT responds perfectly to the demands of modern times – it combines functionality, comfort of use and universal design, but most importantly it is completely safe.

      Advantages of BED CONCEPT wall bed:
      • The ability to change the function of a room at will – you can create a comfortable bedroom in a few moments where just a few moments ago the children were playing, where a few minutes ago you were practising yoga or having a small party for friends.
      • The BED CONCEPT wall bed is just as comfortable as a traditional bed – it has a slatted base, a sturdy metal frame and a mattress stabiliser to guarantee a comfortable rest.
      • The bed is safe, stable and durable – with a reinforced, wall-mounted body, metal frame and sturdy support integrated into the unit front. Air lifters prevent the bed from opening abruptly.
      • Due to air lifters opening and closing the bed is easy, safe and comfortable. Start opening the bed by clicking on the front flap. Now, all you have to do is pull gently so that the bed itself starts to slowly descend. Folding is similar – simply lift the bed slightly so that the whole unit disappears into the wall, giving up space for other household activities.
      • Soft close system makes closing the bed almost noiseless.
      • The bed is equipped with practical straps to secure the bedding clothes so that the quilt and pillows disappear with the bed. You don’t need extra storage space for your bedding.
      • High quality workmanship. Depending on the colour version, the bed is made of high-quality laminated board and MDF resistant to scratches, damage, moisture and heat. Body and fronts are finished with durable ABS edging. Metal support mechanism and bed frame, which directly contributes to its high durability. Its slatted base is made of wood and the handle is made of natural leather.
      • Minimalist in design and versatile in character – the bed is available in various colour versions, so you can flexibly match it with other furniture in your room and different interior styles.
      • The bed can be fitted with functional extensions and LED lighting in different variants.

      BED CONCEPT is perfect for:
      • small family flat
      • studio flat occupied by a single or a couple
      • senior flat
      • child or youth room
      • student room
      • office where one occasionally spends the night
      • guest room
      • and in all rooms that combine the function of living room and bedroom on a daily or holiday basis

      BED CONCEPT is available without a mattress, while the design of the bed allows it to be combined with any mattress up to 20 cm high and weighing from 20 to 22 kg. We recommend the use of spring or bonell mattresses.

      kolor: oak artisan

      nazwa bryły


      nazwa kolekcji


      indeks bryły



      oak artisan

      typ mebla

      horizontal wall bed

      charakterystyka bryły



      211 cm


      177 cm


      46 cm

      waga bryły

      173.0 kg

      wymiar pomocniczy 3



      requires assembly

      styl kolekcji


      rodzaj wnętrza 1


      ilość drzwi


      stopka / nóżka

      PVC foot

      oświetlenie w komplecie

      as option

      rodzaj oświetlenia

      led strip, led strip


      laminated chipboard; 16mm; 22mm

      wykończenie krawędzi korpusu

      A 0,45mm; S 1,70mm

      kolor korpusu

      oak artisan


      laminated chipboard; 22mm

      wykończenie krawędzi blatu

      A 0,45mm; S 1,7mm

      ilośc oklejonych krawędzi blatu


      kolor blatu

      oak artisan

      ściana tylna

      HDF board; 3mm

      wykończenie widocznej części ściany tylnej


      wykończenie niewidocznej części ściany tylnej


      mocowanie ściany tylnej


      kolor ściany tylnej



      płyta MDF laminowana; 16mm

      wykończenie krawędzi frontu

      S 1,70mm

      kolor frontu

      oak artisan

      rama łóżka

      płyta wiórowa laminowana 16 mm

      wykończenie krawędzi ramy łóżka

      ABS;1,7 mm



      wymiary stelaża


      materac w komplecie

      nie/zalecany max wys. 20cm

      pojemnik na pościel


      ilość paczek


      nr paczki z instrukcją montażu


      nr paczki z okuciami


      rodzaj opakowania

      5-layer cardboard

      nazwa paczki 1

      BED CONCEPT - BC-14 - biały /biały połysk - 1/6

      wymiary paczki 1

      5 x 48 x 178 cm

      objętość paczki 1 (m3)


      waga netto/brutto paczki 1

      24 / 25 kg

      nazwa paczki 2

      BED CONCEPT - BC-14 - biały /biały połysk - 2/6

      wymiary paczki 2

      5 x 48 x 219 cm

      objętość paczki 2 (m3)


      waga netto/brutto paczki 2

      31 / 32 kg

      nazwa paczki 3

      BED CONCEPT - BC-14 - biały /biały połysk - 3/6

      wymiary paczki 3

      6 x 63 x 216 cm

      objętość paczki 3 (m3)


      waga netto/brutto paczki 3

      39 / 40 kg

      nazwa paczki 4

      BED CONCEPT - BC-14 - biały /biały połysk - 4/6

      wymiary paczki 4

      9 x 44 x 213 cm

      objętość paczki 4 (m3)


      waga netto/brutto paczki 4

      35 / 36 kg

      nazwa paczki 5

      BED CONCEPT - BC-14 - biały /biały połysk - 5/6

      wymiary paczki 5

      12 x 20 x 208 cm

      objętość paczki 5 (m3)


      waga netto/brutto paczki 5

      23 / 24 kg

      nazwa paczki 6

      BED CONCEPT - BC-14 - biały /biały połysk - 6/6

      wymiary paczki 6

      22 x 28 x 96 cm

      objętość paczki 6 (m3)


      waga netto/brutto paczki 6

      21 / 22 kg

      Wszystko czego potrzebujesz

      … a nawet Więcej!

      Practical shelves

      For books, decorations and other things you like to have at your fingertips.

      Pneumatic mechanism

      Light and almost silent opening and closing of the bed.

      Three types of lighting

      Under-shelf lighting, flexible reading lights or vertical outdoor strips.





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      dostawka do półkotapczanu pionowego



      dostawka do półkotapczanu pionowego

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